Welcome to Astha College of Education, Hatkot( Kunihar)s


B.Ed Semester 2nd /3rd

10 to 15 students will work under the guidance/supervision of a teacher from the Department/College.

Activities to be done in the Department/College:

  1. Pupil Teacher will prepare 20 Micro Teaching Lessons (four per Teaching Skill) in the 2nd Semester i.e two micro lessons in each teaching subject per teaching skill.

School Internship–(I)
(Second Semester)

(Duration- 1 Month) in the 2nd semester. Activities to  be done in school as under:

  1. Pupil Teachers will write Report on School Organization and Management Structure:

(A). Management Structure:
(i). Prepare a flowchart of Management Structure of the    concerned school.
(ii). Prepare a report on maintenance and organization of Mid-Day-Meal Scheme       in the concerned school.
(iii).Prepare a report on procedure of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE) as done in the school.
(iv). Prepare a report on functioning of School Management Committee (SMC).


(B). School Organization:
Pupil Teachers will Write the report and prepare scrap book on the following:
(i). School Campus
(ii). School Building
(iii). Classrooms
(iv). Infrastructure
(v). Students Admitted
(vi). Teaching Staff                         Will show in flowchart
(vii). Non-Teaching Staff

(viii). List of Extra-Co-curricular activities done in the    school and prepare a   report, the Strength and weaknesses on observed activities during school internship as under:
(i). Morning Assembly
(ii). Sports Activities
(iii). Cultural Activities
(iv). Other Activities
  (C).   Pupil Teachers will prepare Various School Records
(i). Teacher’s Diary
(ii). Time Table of the School
(iii). Teacher’s Attendance Register
(iv). Students Attendance Register
(v). Admission and Withdrawal Register
(vi). Stock Register
(vii).School Academic and Co-curricular Calendar

  (D). Pupil Teachers will observe 20 Lessons (10 per Teaching Subject) of the School Teachers in the concerned school and will write strengths and weaknesses of the observed lessons.

School Internship–(II)
(Third Semester)

 In the beginning of 3rd Semester Pupil Teacher will prepare 20 Simulated Teaching Lessons in the Department i.e 10 lessons per teaching subject.

(Practice Teaching in School- Duration =4 Months  or 16 Weeks)
Pupil Teacher will prepare and deliver:
(a)  50 Macro Lessons in each Teaching Subject (Total=100)
(b) 30 Observation Lessons in each Teaching Subject (Total=60)
(c) Students will produce three hand written copies of final lesson
plans in each teaching subjects at the time of final teaching
Practice examination.