Welcome to Astha College of Education, Hatkot( Kunihar)s


            The College library is stocked with over 5000 books both on Education and General Subjects. Newspaper, latest magazine, Journal related to education & general awareness are subscribed for students. Apart from text books there are encyclopedias & dictionaries also available for students.

1. a) Library Rules :

  1. Only two books will be issued at a time. The books will be issued to the students for period of 10 days. They are required to return those books within the stipulated period, otherwise fine of Rs. 2/- per day will be charged.
  2. Students must follow the library rules for borrowing books. They must show their Identity card when asked for.
  3. Library books should be used with great care. Tearing and folding or making any mark on them is not permitted. Any defect noticed at the time of borrowing the books must be brought to the notice of the Library staff immediately. Otherwise the borrower may be required to replace the book by a new copy or pay double cost of the book.
  4. Polite and courteous behavior inside the library is expected from all and silence must be observed inside the reading room.


The College has a newly- renovated computer laboratory with Wi-Fi Internet facilities. The laboratory has 20 personal computers with Scanning Printing facilities. The colleges also have OHP (Overhead projector), Audio Equipment, VCD’s player and Television and such other equipment’s which are often used in the teaching – learning process. Along with ICT Resource Center, Language Lab is also setup where learner performs language experiments by speaking and leasing with the help of sound equipment. It recognizes the individual difference and language aptitude of learner. It is self-learning device, designed in such manner that a student can practice carefully the produced pattern of drills. College is well equipped with microphones, LCD, projector with screen, CPU and many CDs to learn and speak English fluently. The main objectives of ICT Resource center are:

  1. To help pupil teachers to understand computer fundamentals, new trends in ICT and apply different –resource for educational purposes.
  2. To familiarize pupil teachers with new trends in ICT.                                                                                   

A curriculum laboratory is an established organization with staff, facilities, and materials of the study, planning and construction of curricular materials. The college has well equipped curriculum laboratory. A collaborative panel of both faculty and students worked towards toward the goal of creating a lab that would meet and exceeds the need of the college as required by NCTE in new norms. The curriculum laboratory includes Sciences, Mathematics, Social Sciences, and Psychology Lab. The main goal of curriculum lab is to keep prospective teachers up-to –date and to provide knowledge with the materials and equipment’s they need to be the teachers. The objectives of curriculum laboratory are:

  1. To enable the students to understand the importance and appropriate use of different audio visual aids and improvised apparatus in Indian conditions to be taught.
  2. To provides opportunity for the students to discover mathematics through doing.
  3. To help prospective teachers, to understand the way of conducting psychological experiments and to give practical experience with regards to some of the psychological concepts and principal.

The college has a well-furnished art and craft resource center that provides the students a space to express their inner feeting/aesthetic sense and also utilizes. This resource center is used for many purposes e.g. conducting lectures for art & craft, preparation of painting by the students, for guidance, preparing the teaching aids of different teaching subjects and for practicing chalkboard writing. Astha College of Education provides well equipped art and craft resource center. Art and craft education is placed on an equal footing in order to provide balanced type of disciplines. All possible facilities and opportunities are extended to our students to engrave their minds & creativity. The objectives of Art and Craft Resource Center are:

  1. To provide adequate opportunities of exposure and exposure and to art and craft experience to students teachers.
  2. To provide opportunity for nourishing creative talent of student teacher.

Realising the importance of the study of health and physical education the college has maintained the health and physical resource center. The purpose of its inclusion in the teacher education curriculum is not to prepare physical education teacher but to enable the prospective teachers to use its knowledge as a resources for the teaching of all other subjects. Along with the resource center there is a place for safe keeping of Playing Equipment’s, Accessories, Yoga Mats and other materials. The main objectives of Health and Physical Education Resources Center are:

    • Promoting students overall health are;
    • Enabling the students for being physically active and maintaining a healthy lifestyle through yoga.

    Play Ground :
          College has a big playground in its own premises. There is provision of outdoor games, such as volley ball, Badminton, Kho-Kho, Cricket etc. College provide sports material for students.